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Information on enterovirus D68;
as of 9/10/2014

While Minnesota have not seen any confirmed cases of the Enterovirus D68 that has affected other parts of the Midwest, we are monitoring the situation closely and working with the Minnesota Department of Health to identify the cause of these respiratory issues.

The Minnesota Department of Health and Children’s infectious disease specialists are not recommending any new or additional testing or treatment than a clinics usual provision of care for children with respiratory distress.

We are asking parents to assess their child by the
following symptom severity:
1) If symptoms are mild, such as common cold, parents should treat children as they normally would: increase fluids, rest, keep kids home from school, give them fever and pain-reducing medicines.
2) If symptoms are moderate, such as cold symptoms worsening or not getting better within a week, or new wheezing begins, parents should take their child to their clinic.
3) If at any time the child is having difficulty breathing or parents see blue lips or gasping for air, take the child to the closest emergency room.
All patients with cough who are being seen in a clinic setting should wear a mask or if too young to keep a mask on should have a light blanket over their head. This would include the patients and their accompanying adults.
Prevention includes superb hand washing hygiene and covering coughs and sneezes and staying home if ill.
There are no new testing guidelines for enterovirus D68 at this point.

Please call our office if you have any additional questions, or visit Minnesota Department of Health’s website or The Center for Disease Controls website for the most up to minute information.

This site is for information only. The information contained on this site should NOT replace the advice recommended by your doctor. No medical questions will be addressed from this website. If you have a medically related question or concern, please call our office at (651) 770-2124 or contact us by fax at (651) 770-3701.
Thank you for visiting the Northern Lights Pediatrics website.

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